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Participation in judicial auctions

Buying real estate at auction in Jesolo has never been safer: rely on F Immobiliare, an experienced and competent partner who will accompany you to the auction to assist you in the purchase and sale transaction but also in the completion of all the related paperwork: verification of the notice, appraisals, times and costs of the entire operation.

Judicial auctions or real estate auctions allow you to buy houses and properties at advantageous prices. How do they work? A creditor requires an executive judge to set up a judicial auction to sell real estate to his debtor, who loses all rights over those assets. The so-called auction without charm involves the submission of an offer in a sealed envelope including a deposit in variable percentage. In this case the highest economic proposal does not win, but it is this that becomes the auction base from which to begin the competition among the participants.

The auction with enchantment, on the other hand, does not include the presentation of offers in envelopes but is a free competition between bidders. The race ends three minutes after the last price offered if there are no further bids. Everyone, with the exception of the debtor, can participate in a judicial auction. F Immobiliare has helped to make good deals at the judicial auctions in which its customers have participated. Yes, because real estate auctions are a convenient and safe form of buying and selling. Suffice it to say that any mortgages and foreclosures are canceled.

The price of the property is defined by a court expert and the costs for the new buyer are limited. The most important condition that the purchaser must respect is the timing of the balance of the payment, which goes from 60 to 120 days. Once the purchase has been completed, the judge transfers the building to the new owner by decree, registering the deed with the property registers.